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We provide two free live financial education Webinars each week. These cover a wide variety of topics ranging from Biblical wisdom on money to practical knowledge on saving and investing.
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I am addicted to your Webinars!
Brian (Economist, US)
Dear Pastor Barrett, Thanks so much for all your Webinar recordings. There are so many, I am spoilt for choice! It is such a blessing to have all this valuable information at the click of the mouse.
Soo Hung (Malaysia)
I want you to know that I really appreciate the continuing education that you provide. Most of us really need that kind of encouragement and knowledge. Thank you for your interest, expertise, experience, love and support.
John (United Kingdom)
Thanks Tom for a great word.
Sam (Retired US General)
One student called our list of videos “A banquet of knowledge.” Here we offer almost 500 hours of great information. Our Instructors are top experts and best-selling authors in their fields of expertise. More...
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Here you will find well-researched article that make financial subjects easy to understand. Top educators share their wisdom and knowledge to help you steward your money for the Kingdom. More...
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